Why you need SPEED


We all know that we want the fastest Internet speed available. But why, exactly, is speed so important? Here are just a few reasons to switch to MetroNet, the area’s only 100% fiber optic network:

More Devices

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The more Internet-connected devices—such as tablets and Smartphones—you run in your home at once, the greater the drain on your connection. MetroNet’s 100% fiber network is the only one that can deliver consistent speed, 24/7, no matter how many devices you use.

Fast Gaming

You can get more out of your gaming
experience with MetroNet’s 100% fiber
network running directly to your image descriptionhome. So, say goodbye to
breaks in the action and
say hello to lag-free gaming.

Two-Way Speed

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While no one can match MetroNet’s unbelievable download speeds, the 100% fiber difference might be even more pronounced when it comes to uploading. If you like sharing pictures and videos, there’s nothing faster than 100% fiber.

Blazing Fast Downloads

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Hate waiting on slow downloads? MetroNet’s 100% fiber optic network lets you download music or stream movies and TV shows in the blink of an eye, with no slowdowns.

Fast AND Reliable

Because our fiber optic network runs directly from the source to your home, you won’t share bandwidth with your neighbors and you’ll enjoy not only blazing fast speeds, but also improved reliability and consistency, 24/7.