Record SIX SHOWS AT ONCE with Wholehome DVR.

WholeHome DVR from MetroNet allows you to control your TV experience like never before. Now you can record TV and watch it from any room in your house with just one DVR. Other great features include:

  • Scheduling, updating or deleting your recordings from any TV in your home.
  • Pausing, fast forwarding and rewinding live or recorded shows on any TV in your home.
  • Playing the same recorded show on different TVs at the same time and controlling them separately.

Record More Shows At Once

Can't watch all your shows that come on at 8:00? WholeHome DVR allows you to record up to 6 TV shows simultaneously.

More DVR Storage

With more than 100 hours of space for your recordings, you'll always have room to record your favorite show

Remote DVR

You no longer need to be at home to set your DVR. With Remote DVR, you can access listings, set your DVR, and manage your recording through any computer with Internet access.

Fast and Simple Guide

Our Guide lets you search by keyword so you can easily find your favorite movie or show without having to flip through others.