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With interactive reading, your kids can read-along and learn while enjoying animated illustrations.

Badges show you new, featured, and free books. Kids can even mark their favorites!

Who is TumbleBooksTV for?
Anyone who has children in their homes can benefit from purchasing TumbleBooksTV: Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles or Caregivers.
What age is TumbleBooksTV for?
No matter if your child is learning to read or has been reading for years, there's a book for them. For early readers, each book is narrated and highlighted so they can follow along. For older readers there are books geared to their age and interests. When you select a book, you can see a short description of the book, age level it was written for, the author and how long it will take to read.
What makes TumbleBooksTV a great addition to your Channel Line-up?
TumbleBooksTV isn’t just any channel. It is a child-friendly, safe environment that encourages reading while entertaining and engaging in a way that kids enjoy. Instead of a pre-programmed channel of kid’s shows, TumbleBooksTV allows kids to decide what they are in the mood for. By putting the remote in their hands, they can choose what type of adventure they want to have.
How will TumbleBooksTV continue to keep children entertained for months?
With over 100 books available in 10 different categories and new books being added every quarter, TumbleBooksTV will provide children in your home countless hours of engagement. Each book provides its own unique reading and animation experience that brings the books to life. Kids can also keep track of their favorites by selecting "Add Fave". This will put their book in "My Faves" (The Red Heart) on the Home Screen.
What categories are available?
TumbleBooksTV offers 10 different book categories children can enjoy:
  • Adventure
  • Culture and Holidays
  • Letters and Numbers
  • Sports
  • School
  • Nature
  • Health and Safety
  • Arts
  • Friends and Family
  • Language
What are the special icons in the upper-left-hand corner of some of the books?
These are called "Badges" and they are there to let you know there is something special about those particular books. Hover over the book example images below to see a description of each badge.

  • NewNew Badge A "New" means that the book was recently added to TumbleBooksTV.
  • FeaturedFeatured Badge A Star shape means the book has been selected by TumbleBooksTV as a "Featured" choice.
  • FavoriteFavorite Badge A Heart shape means the book has been selected as a "Favorite" book.
  • FreeFree Badge A Lock shape means you have not yet subscribed to TumbleBooksTV and the book is only available to subscribed users. An Unlocked shape means that the book is available to read for free to unsubscribed users!

DistracTV Games Network

Channel 2027

Enjoy games for all ages. Create and manage your own profile and even play with others!

Who is DistracTV Games Network for?
All ages can play and enjoy DistracTV Games Network. There are games for children, like Animal Match, Letter Shuffle, or Hangman and adults will find something too with World Poker Tour, Sudoku or Black Jack, just to name a few.
What makes DistracTV Games Network a great addition to your Channel Line-up?
DistracTV Games Network isn't just any channel. It is a casual gaming channel for everyone to enjoy. Using just your remote, you can choose from 12 different games that will make you want to keep coming back for more.
What if more than one person in your home wants to play?
Each home can have up to 6 different users on their account. Each user can choose from one of 16 different Avatars that each come with one of 4 different user interfaces and music.
How will DistracTV Games Network continue to keep you entertained for months?
Each game keeps track of your highest score on the leaderboard. High scores are listed for your own “House League” and the Top 10 highest scores are listed for the entire MetroNet community. So, not only can you see how you stack up against others in your home, but you can also see how your scores compare to others in the MetroNet community.

  • Animal Match Everyone's favorite childhood brainteaser is now available on your TV. Play along with the kids! Match all the tiles and reveal a video prize!
  • BlackJack Play one of the most popular casino games right on your TV. Watch your cards carefully and hope you don't bust!
  • Deal or No Deal Pick the right cases and beat the banker! Just like the popular television show, you need to decide whether you're going to keep going or make the deal.
  • Dr. Quattro's Lab Dr. Quattro had an accident in his laboratory! He needs your help to contain the virus spreading throughout the lab! Place four anti-viruses in a row to stop the spread of the deadly virus.
  • Hangman Hangman is the classic paper and pencil game updated for your TV. Pick the right letters and complete the word before it's too late! Challenge yourself and try to beat the clock.
  • Jump Peg In Jump Peg, you must clear the board by jumping pegs over other pegs. If there’s more than one available move, you must carefully choose the right one to get you to the end. When only one peg remains, you win!
  • Knight's Tour Knight’s Tour is based on a challenging 9th century puzzle. The object is to move your knight to every square on the chessboard only once using legal knight moves. This is a lot harder than you think! Can you make the correct path to fill the board?
  • Letter Shuffle This addictive word game will keep you scrambling for the remote! Create words as quickly as you can from your group of letters to reach the target score before time runs out!
  • Lucky Seven Slots Feeling lucky? Test your luck with this great five-reel slot game! Choose your bet and spin. If you get one of the winning combos, you pocket the matching winnings!
  • Repeat Check out this retro game with a modern twist! In Repeat, as the lights change you must reproduce the same sequence of lights with the arrow keys on your remote control. The game ends when you can’t reproduce the sequence. You really need to concentrate for this game!
  • Reversi Reversi is a challenging board game. Place your pieces to capture your opponent's and finish the game with more pieces than your opponent.
  • Solitaire Play Klondike Solitaire, the classic Solitaire card game! Winning the game involves strategy, skill and a little luck. Move the cards to the right suits and win the game!
  • Sudoku Master the power of numbers and get your brain cells working with this diabolical grid based game.
  • Treasure Island Slots Yar Matey! Welcome to Treasure Island! Test your luck with this great three-reel slot game. The skulls are wild and the map is your best bet! Good luck!
  • Unblock Unblock is a puzzle game that makes you think! Move the blocks on the screen to "free" the special brick and advance to the next level! Choose from 1,000 puzzles across 4 difficulty levels.
  • Urban Jumble Play this great word puzzle game! All the letters are right there, but the hard part is getting them in the right order! Try to complete all the rounds as quickly as possible to gain valuable points!
  • WPT Raise the stakes and take poker to the next level with WPT®: Texas Hold’em Poker. Put your card skills to the test and see if you can come out the big winner!
Reversi Reversi is a challenging board game. Place your pieces to capture your opponent's and finish the game with more pieces than your opponent.

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