Gigabit Cities

Welcome to MetroNet Gigabit Cities

Utilizing our innovative fiber-to-the-premise architecture, we can now deliver Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit-per-second—making Gigabit Internet a reality for the 25+ communities served by MetroNet.

What's this mean for you?

The Gigabit Internet is 100 times faster than today's average broadband connection in our country, which is 11Mbps. Having the ability to transmit one billion bits of data every second means customers can get what they want, when they want it.

At this speed, the upload and download speeds are significantly faster which means:

  • A high-definition movie that typically takes about 25 minutes to download can now be available to watch in seconds. Families can also stream videos, movies or TV shows anytime with little to no delays, allowing them to spend less time waiting and more time enjoying their favorite shows and movies.
  • Cloud-based services become easier as users can upload their high-resolution photos and other large files to the cloud in seconds and stream their favorite music playlist with uninterrupted, crystal-clear sound quality!
  • Amazing video quality, no buffering delays, frozen pictures and frequent disconnects when using FaceTime®, Skype™ and other video-conferencing services that are becoming more popular and part of our everyday life.
  • Online gaming will now become a smooth, seamless and interactive experience. Today, users typically encounter awkward pauses and jumping around when playing online games since their Internet connections cannot support the real-time video content and 3D responsiveness of these games. With a robust, blazing-fast Gigabit Internet connection, users can now play online games as they should be played.

What's this mean for your community?

Gigabit Internet will unleash a community's ability to pursue a limitless number of potential applications, new advancements and incredible innovations in the fields of education, entertainment, healthcare, industrial development and many more.

Gigabit Internet is a key differentiator for a community and its future that will help foster innovation, drive job creation, and stimulate economic growth and development in the communities it serves for years to come.