Take Your Office Anywhere

MetroNet Go

Your work life moves constantly from your desk, to your laptop, to your smart phone, and your tablet. Now, with MetroNet Go, you can use all the features of your MetroNet HBPX phone service from almost any device no matter where you are. Look up your contacts or make and receive voice or video calls no matter which device you are using or where you are.


What is MetroNet Go?
MetroNet Go is an application that allows you to use your own devices as part of your MetroNet HPBX phone service. Once logged in, you can view your call history, access voicemail and Call Manager, and even make and receive calls using your business caller ID. You no longer have to rely on call forwarding or call customers back from your personal cell phone. And, when you’re done for the day, or no longer want to receive calls on your device, simply log out of the app and your business calls continue to ring to your office phone or will go to voicemail.
How do I install MetroNet Go?

For Desktop: Log in to CommPortal by clicking HERE and sign in using your 10-digit HPBX phone number and CommPortal password. In the "Apps" tab, you can download the app.

For Mobile: Download MetroNet Go from iTunes by clicking HERE or the Google Play store by clicking HERE. Search for "MetroNet Go" and download the app to your device. Sign in using your 10-digit HPBX phone number and current voicemail PIN.

What happens when I dial *911 during an emergency using MetroNet Go?

If you place a *911 call from MetroNetGo for Mobile, it will attempt to make the call using the native cell phone dialer subject to availability and coverage limitations. *911 calls cannot be made from tablet devices at any time.

If you place a *911 call from MetroNetGo Desktop, the *911 operator may not be able to identify where you’re calling from. Specifically, your call will be routed to a *911 center based on your business address, NOT your physical location. For this reason, MetroNetGo for Desktop should not be used for *911 calls.

Do I have to have MetroNet HPBX phone service to use MetroNet Go?
Yes. At this time, MetroNet Go is only available to business customers who subscribe to MetroNet’s HPBX service. If you are not an HPBX customer, contact your MetroNet account rep or Business Support at 855-769-0986.
Where do I find additional help with MetroNet Go?
Click HERE to download the MetroNet Go Quick Reference Guide.